Google spreadsheet add on for professionals or small business owners.


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How to install add-on

Alternate method

  1. Simple Invoice add-on is present in chrome marketplace and G Suite marketplace.
  2. Login to you gmail
  3. Open google drive.
  4. Create a new spreadsheet in your google drive
  5. Go to Add-on > Get add-on
  6. Search Simple Invoice. You will get result. Make sure add-on is offered by TeamOB Solutions
  7. Click on + icon present in top right of result

Installation tips

  1. Click on FREE.
  2. It will show an alert asking your permission before install.
  3. Click on continue.
  4. Login to your gmail account. If already logged in click on your email address
  5. After installation you will see a balloon below Add-ons
  6. Go to Add-ons > Simple Invoice > Install
  7. This will install the theme in your google drive under Simple Invoice.
  8. Close the spreadsheet you have opened.
  9. Go to google drive and look for a folder Simple Invoice.
  10. Under this folder you will have installed theme "Simple Invoice"
  11. Open it and navigate to "Add-ons > Simple Invoice > Start"

How to Start/Use add-on?

  1. Upon successful install of theme. Close the spreadsheet.
  2. Open your google drive and go to Simple Invoice folder (During installation add-on has created this to copy the theme)
  3. Open the theme and visit Add-on > Simple Invoice > Start

How to configure it before use?

  1. Open the control panel/Sidebar (ignore if already opened). To open visit Add-ons > Simple Invoice> Start
  2. Click on Settings. This will open setting sheet.
  3. If you wanted to use SMS service. Subscribe it from any service provider of your choice. Ask them to provide you SMS gateway URL, key and sender name
  4. Update these details in B2 to B4
  5. In B4 update TEST or LIVE. In case of TEST you will be able to see SMS API calls in popup.
  6. Update expenses head in A8 to A40
  7. Update invoice category in E8 to E40
  8. Update receipt type in G9 to G40. (Make sure to keep "Against invoice" head)

what is SIDE BAR?

In FAQ we have used the term side bar to represent the window opens in right of screen. This opens up when you click on Add-ons (Top Menu) > Simple Invoice > Start. The dashboard (First Screen) of side bar has buttons to access all the features. When you click on any button it will open another page along with related sheet. This sub page might have some other buttons/actions relevant for selected sheet only. To return back to dashboard, click on HOME icon present in top left of side bar.

what is home icon present in top left of side bar?

Home icon redirect back on dashboard (First Screen) of side bar if you have navigated down the pages.

how to create invoice?

  1. Click on Billing button present in side bar
  2. Click on Create button
  3. In cell B3 select customer. If not available create it using the form present in cell range D4 to E8
  4. Select invoice date in cell I4
  5. Select distribution in cell I6
  6. Cell I8 show applicable tax percentage. If not applicable make it 0.
  7. Enter product line in range B11 to H11 and all the rows below it.
  8. Press Save button
  9. Based on your selected distribution method add-on will download the invoice as PDF to print or will show a popup with invoice attached to send as mail.


If you wanted to register multiple invoices of different customers and there is no need to distribute immediately. You should use this feature.

  1. Click on Batch button
  2. In newly opened sheet enter date
  3. Click on GENERATE button
  4. Update amount column
  5. Press SAVE button.

I wanted to resend invoice.

  1. Click on DISTRIBUTE INVOICE button present in side bar.
  2. Select Customer from the drop down
  3. Enter date range like 2019-01-01, 2019-08-30
  4. Click on Get Invoice List
  5. Just below the button there is drop down of invoices. Select the invoice you wanted to distribute.
  6. Click on PDF or EMAIL button based on your distribution preferences.

I received payment. how i can register and print receipt?

  1. In sidebar click on RECEIPT button
  2. Click on CREATE button
  3. In cell A2 select your customer. If not available create in cell ranges E2 to F4
  4. In cell G8 enter receipt date. In cell G9 enter receipt type.
  5. In G10 select payment mode. If you received payment in bank Select Bank other wise cash.
  6. In A19 to G19 and all rows below it. Enter description of products/services
  7. Press SAVE button present in sidebar.

what is batch button in receipt page of side bar?

If you wanted to register payments received from various sources under different heads and there is no need to print receipt. You can use this service.

what is "against invoice" option in receipt page?

If you are about to register the payment and this payment is against the invoice you sent to customer. You should use this option. The purpose of this option is to identify the payment and adjust it in invoices.

i sent invoice in foreign currency but receive payment in local. how i can register it?

  1. Send the invoice to your customer in foreign currency
  2. Upon receipt make 2 entries in receipt form for same customer. One is in foreign currency and another is in your local currency ie amount you received in your bank.
  3. For first entry choose payment type to "Against Invoice". Second can be any thing like "Service Fee"
  4. The first entry we made here is to balance the ledger balance of customer.
  5. At month end or before generation of reports. Make one more summarize -ve entry in receipt form under payment type "Currency balance"


  1. You sent invoice of $1000 to customer A
  2. You received and payment of 7000 in your bank
  3. First entry A, Against Invoice, 1000
  4. Second entry A, Service Fee, 7000
  5. Third entry A, currency balance, -1000

how to view reports

  1. In sidebar click on Reports
  2. Select report type
  3. Select date range in format of YYYY-MM-DD eg 2019-01-01
  4. Select other filter options (If applicable)
  5. Press SUBMIT button.

how to Change invoice template?

  1. Refer screen below. Click on "1" in your spreadsheet.
  2. Open PrintInvoice sheet
  3. Edit your details in highlighted area "2"